Monday, June 27, 2016

DIY Crayons

Last week the kids and I decided to re-purpose some of the old crayons we have into "new" ones. By "the kids and I", I mostly mean me. I did the bulk of the wrapper-peeling, handled the oven, and cleaned up most of the mess!

The longest part of the process was getting all the paper wrappers off the old crayons. Some of them must have gotten hot at some point because a lot of the wrappers were totally stuck to the crayons, as though they had melted together.

Some of the crayons and wrappers from our project!

I decided to separate the crayons by color, but any shade of that color was fine. We had dark pink, light pink etc, in one pile, and so on. We used a mini muffin tin and it worked out great. You could get really creative with those silicone molds in different shapes. Lego molds would be fun! You could even use shapes that coordinate with a birthday party theme and give the crayons away as favors!

I let the three-year-old decide what colors to make the new crayons. It drove my older girls crazy that she was mixing colors! They tried to make a few that were all the same color, but the little one managed to sneak a different color into each of them!

Sorting the broken crayons into the muffin tins.


  • Preheat oven to 300 degrees
  • Peel wrappers off crayons and break into thirds
  • Place broken crayons into mini muffin tins or silicone shaped molds
  • Bake for approximately 15 minutes or until completely melted
  • Remove from oven and let cool completely, at least a couple of hours

Once cool, crayons should pop out easily. 

Just some of the cool color combinations we ended up with!

The most fun part for me was seeing all the different color combinations when we popped the new crayons out of the muffin tin. We had some that looked like cotton candy and some that looked like fire! This is a great project if you have a ton of broken crayons and don't want to just throw them away, or if you have a huge collection of different brands and restaurant crayons like we did!

Let me know if you try this project. I would love to see the color combos you end up with!

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